Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Corner sinks

So, I'm in Los Angeles, Ca... City of Angels... Whoever dreamed that up? In what state of mind was the person who said, "this place reminds me of angels"? I'd bet there were illegal substances involved.

The hotel room is nice, but it's just a hotel room. The bathroom has mirrors on two walls and a sink in the corner. I think that saves space. But it confuses me.

When I shave, which mirror am I supposed to look at? If I look, to the right, I can't see my left side. Opposite is true of looking to my left. And if I look straight ahead, I get a strange split view of myself (which has been reported by many around me).

I could turn and face one side or the other, but that's no good, the sink is in the middle.

Somehow, I don't think angels have to worry about stuff like this.


hydralisk said...

Oh, did your hotel room not come furnished with illegal substances?? That might be the problem.

Randy said...

Maybe the room DID come with illegal substances and that's why I THOUGHT the sink was in the corner..