Sunday, May 04, 2008

Grilled onions, grilled corn

I like cooking. I've posted a couple of times before about my cooking, (see here and here), so I thought I would do so again.

This past Friday, my daughter, her husband and my two-year old grandson visited. They were talking about leaving to go to dinner, so I quickly suggested hamburgers on the grill. I've learned that if you provide free meals for them, they'll stick around.

Since we needed a few items to complete the dinner, my wife headed to the grocery store. When she came back, she included a large onion and corn for the grill.

The onion is my specialty. I stole the recipe from another grill lover and I'm always looking for ways to add flavor (so if you have a suggestion, post it in the comments). It's very easy, I take a large onion (doesn't have to be Vidalia, but that's a good choice) and remove the outer skin. Then I cut it. This is difficult to explain. I cut down the onion as if I was going to cut it into 8 pieces. However (MOST IMPORTANT), don't cut all the way down. This way it holds together. Then I load the cuts with butter. Since I've been criticized for how much butter before, I won't say here. But the key is, don't worry about blood pressure of cholesterol. Just load it up.

The last ingredient is a bullion cube. I like using beef bullion, chicken works too. Sometimse I use two (very scientific). Then the onion gets wrapped in tin foil. If done right, it looks like a hershey kiss. Put this on the grill early and move it around every 5-10 minutes. It should cook 30-45 minutes.

Grilled corn is similarly easy, I'm still trying to find a way to improve it. I just butter the corn and wrap in tin foil and place on the grill. Move it around like the onion and cook about the same time. I'm thinking about adding some salt or maybe even a small amount of sugar.

Oh yeah, we had hamburgers too!

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Ashley Beth said...

I have friends who do the same thing with the onion except instead of using buillon cubes they use brown sugar. This is also really good. It is a sweet twist on your version.