Monday, May 05, 2008

Missing money

Last week, a local TV station ran a marathon helping people look for missing money. Their website listed links to several websites that would help you look for the money. None of these charged you anything to look or claim the money.

I looked and found I have more than $100 in the NC Treasurer's office. Now, once I found this, I remembered that I did this a couple years ago and got back some money (I think around $50 that time). Both of these are related to insurance companies, so I'm guessing there was some sort of state insurance department investigation and court ordered refunds. The investigation would have concluded after 1998 (when I moved) and covered several years. I can't recall exactly when I switched to the last company, but I know it was before 1994.

Anyway, I went to and filled out the information (nothing too personal) and then I went to another site to claim the money. The claims process brings up a form that you have to print and mail in. Again, all this looks safe.

So in about 2 months I should have a check for more than $100. Not too bad for a few minutes worth of work.

I highly recommend

P.S. If you're in my extended family, (brothers, sisters, children, in-laws, dogs, etc), I already looked for you. Sorry. No missing money.

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