Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Christmas List - Icon A5

This is a picture of what I want for Christmas. The Icon A5. Have you ever sat in a traffic jam, and looked up and said, if I could only fly out of here...

The Icon A5 is a light sport aircraft that seats two. It should be able to take off and land about anywhere (needs about 750 feet), the videos show it taking off and landing on water. Meet your friends out on a island, take a picnic lunch to the mountains, go just about anywhere. Flying lessons are offered, supposedly you only need about 20 hours of training. A valid driver's license is the only requirement.

With top speeds of up to 120 mph, this will get you to your meeting in record time. My weekly commute to Columbia SC will go from about 90 minutes to about 45. It folds up and my guess is will fit in a parking spot (be sure to take the parking pass with you).

It has a parachute (optional, but I'm thinking a good thing) that can be deployed in an emergency that can bring "the entire airplane gently to the ground," an intuitive cockpit that looks like the driver's seat of an automobile and "forgiving flight characteristics.

The plane seats two, perfect for a couple's getaway. As we will soon be empty nester's, I think we deserve this machine. The baggage limit is 60 pounds, so my wife will have to pack light. The price is actually reasonable, only $139,000. While that sounds like a lot, think of the fact that there are some cars that cost that much. And if all 5 kids pitch in, it's only about $27,500 each.

If you can't fit this under the tree, you could always put a model airplane there. Here's a picture of what we'll look like:

You can see all the details here: http://iconaircraft.com/


Brooke said...

LOL! ONLY $27,500 each? How many would you like?

It does sound really nice, though. Are they rentable per hour? It sounds like something you may want to test drive.

Brian the Red said...

Right now you need to put the flying lessons (Training cost {estimated}: $2,800-$3,500)under the tree because the plane isn't going to go on sale until 2010.

Kayte said...

We're all getting these for Christmas? SWEET!!!! Thanks! :)

Randy said...

Brooke, yep, only $27,500 from each of our kids (total is $139,000).

Brian, I'm figuring if the kids start now, they might be able to save enough to purchase the plane when it comes out. Heck, I'll spend my own money for lessons if I get one of these.

I'll give you a ride if you'll give me a ride in that Miata.

Kayte, apparently, I wasn't clear. I'm getting one (wife & I can share) provided by each of you guys. You only have to buy 1/5 of it. Let's see, $27,500 by sometime in 2010, if you save $1,000 a month, you should have it made!