Monday, August 04, 2008

A watched pot never boils

Last Monday, I posted a random thought about maintenance. This week's random thought is the phrase "a watched pot never boils."

Before I start, two mild tangents I won't explore: 1) If I have a random thoughts on schedule, is it really random? and 2) why am I limited to one random thought per week?

Anyway, Sunday morning I was toasting biscuits. I take a left-over biscuit and slice it horizontally. Add a little low-fat margarine and toast it. You can also add cinnamon and/or cinnamon combination. Toast it for a couple of minutes and then I added some high-calorie jelly. It's a wonderful, quick breakfast.

While standing waiting on the toasting event, I notice how long it took. The random thought struck my brain from somewhere out in the Kuiper Belt (where comets form), "a watched biscuit never toasts." Somehow, it doesn't have that poetic touch to it.

What else when watched never happens? Well, when you're really watching your money try to grow in a savings account or a specific stock, I think you can say watched savings never grows. You have to put the money there and leave it a while. Keep adding to it. That makes it grow. Same goes for a 401k. If you look at the balance every day, you'll think it's never going to grow.

What about weight loss? I confess, I've never changed my diet to lose weight. I probably need to, but never done it. Seems to me that if you weigh yourself every day, you won't lose any weight.

Any other ideas from my readers? I'd enter some more, but I left my coffee brewing and I think it's ready now. I didn't stand watching it because .....


emilymburgess said...

So if you have one random thought a week you should have one heart felt blog for the week. Even if its just a tiny little sentence at the end of a serious blog. :) Remember I need to know the feelings when you were watching the biscuit that wouldn't toast!

Randy said...

My feelings when I was watching the biscuit that wouldn't toast?


(We men aren't that complicated)

Brooke said...

The moral of the story is to be a bit more oblivious! LOL!