Friday, August 15, 2008

Small bills

Back in June, I posted a note about past due bills. In it, I mentioned a bill I got several years ago for 6cents. Last week, I had another such bill come in.

Up until a few years ago, I had a Delta Sky Miles American Express card. I thought I was getting ahead by gaining Sky Miles every time I used my card. But then I had to pay an annual fee. So, when renewal time came around, I called and asked them to waive the charge. They offered me other American Express cards, but wouldn't waive the fees on the Sky Miles card. So I cancelled and went for a better deal.

That's been at least two years ago, if not three or more. Then last week I got a bill from them for 10cents. Yep, they spent 42cents to mail me a bill for 10cents. So, I called and spoke to a very nice man who looked at my account. He could only look at one year's worth of history and he could see my account had been closed all that time. And he could see the 10cents was on the bill for the entire time.

With a chuckle, he waived the 10cents charge and made it go away. I explained that this was the first bill I had received on this account and wondered where the 10cents came from. He said he didn't know and I decided to leave well enough alone.

Now, I wonder, how long should I keep the bill for 10cents? I wrote the name and date of the person I spoke to. Do you think American Express would sue my over a late bill for that small amount?


Nena said...

They won't sue, they will probably just add it in (very sneaky like) and we will never know the difference.

I can't see you throwing it away though. You keep all kinds of bills.

Kayte said...

You will keep it forever, just like the bill for 6 cents and we'll see a blog about this in 25 years.