Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today, while you're eating your burgers and hot dogs or steaks or whatever you decide to cook on the grill, pause for a minute to think about those who never made it back. From Europe or Asia, or the Middle East. Maybe from some country that they couldn't even pronounce. Maybe they never made it out of the US, but they still died serving out country.

Many didn't know what they were fighting for, they just fought because they were told to fight. In doing so, they preserved the right for you and I. They paid the ultimate price and today we remember them. Remember their families, their mothers and fathers, their children.


Brooke said...

We can never repay our soldiers for all they sacrificed for us.

"The Edge" said...

Amen! May God bless our troops now, as they continue to serve, and when they return home.