Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm going to steal an idea from my blog-friend Neil and post a list of other blogs I've seen this week. Maybe I can be Neil's padawan blogger.

Don't forget my contest. You can win a big prize ($5), just for making up a story. Post it in the comments or send me an email. Today's the deadline. The judges will vote tomorrow and the winning story published.

I confess I stole the idea from the contest from (or was inspired by) the Lazy Man and Money. Lazy is one of the blogs I've been reading about practical money management. He received two copies of a book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, and is giving one away. Be sure to read the comments, some are funny, some are sad. See his post here.

Another practical money management blog I've been reading is The Simple Dollar. A recent post focused on Quantity Surcharge. You always thought that the bigger bottle of ketchup was cheaper, right?

Probably my favorite blog of late is Free by 50. It's not as much day-to-day practical information, but probes deep on some subjects. Home ownership, foreclosure, subprime lending, etc. Be sure to read several posts to get a feel for the blog.

I first heard Gerri Detweiller on the radio, she focuses on consumer alerts of all types. She's the credit advisor for She doesn't blog every day, but her posts are good.


Lazy Man and Money said...

I wasn't sure if the idea for my contest was the best one. I wasn't prepared for all the sad stories. I was hoping for more creative happy ones. Now I'm just depressed :-(.

I'm actually giving away two copies of the book (I got three). I might not have made that clear in the contest. I wrote up that post quickly while moving.

Chance said...

I have been noticing that with groceries more is not always cheaper. Fortunately King Soopers ( the store here in Colorado, may be known as Kroger's in other places) posts the unit price for everything, so it makes it easier on me.

Anonymous said...

Good roundup! And you made me look up a word -- I had no idea what a padawan was.

Randy said...

Lazy Man, thanks for visiting. I like your contest and have seen a few others. Sure you got some sob stories, but you got some humor too. Flip a coin (or two) to see who the winners are and you'll be fine.

Chance, yep, I like it when they have unit pricing. My problem is that a lot of times the units aren't consistent. Then with coupons or discounts, it gets more confusing. But it helps a lot.

Neil, you obviously aren't a Star Wars fan...