Monday, May 28, 2007


A very positive report this morning on NBC by Richard Engel that contained a side of the news seldom seen. The report talked about the economy and how it was growing in Kurdistan. It showed a woman who is teaching English at a university there and raising a young baby. One comment said that NO american had been killed there since the beginning of the Iraq war.

Kurdistan is a special part of Iraq. See the article here about a small group of Kurds who have made their home not far from my home. The article explains much of the history and why these Kurds support the US.


Neil said...

I missed that one, thanks for sharing that. Glad to know there is some good news coming out of those areas.

hydralisk said...

I've heard that stat before too (no American killed in that part since the war began). Good for the Kurds. Now if only the Iranian Kurds can find a way to extricate themselves from the failed society they're stuck in the middle of, as the Iraqi Kurds have all but accomplished.