Friday, May 04, 2007

Republican Debate

OK, I didn't watch the debate. Yesterday was a long day in the pursuite of interstate commerce (11 hours from door to door + 1 hour before and about 2 hours afterwards.)

But I read some of the silly questions that were asked. That's part of why I hate the debts. So-called journalists trying to one-up each other trying to catch the candidates off guard. And forget any chance of getting a real debate going. Candidates have their one-liners (or in Biden's case at the Democratic debate one-worders) already cooked up and they try to manipulate the question to fit their answers.

Later on, I plan to submit a list of requirements to look for in a candidate. The idea will be to review the list, see where the candidate stands and from that you can decide who to vote for. I would appreciate feedback when I do, it's an experiment. Probably be a couple of weeks....

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Adam said...

I don't like these early debates, either. Too many candidates, and everyone talks around the questions. There's no time to challenge a candidate's answer becuase they have to move on to the next question.