Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eco-Vandalism as an answer to gas guzzling

Seems some globally minded people didn't like the fact that this person wasn't globally minded. Gareth Groves bought a Hummer. No question that it's bad for the environment, he was the one who paid $38,000 for the vehicle and paid for the gas at 14 mpg, so he figured it was his problem

Some eco-friendly people thought otherwise and they decided he should be able to drive such an unfriendly vehicle. They smashed the windows, slashed the tires and scratched FOR THE ENVIRON in the side.

So I guess this is fair, Garreth now understands that his first priority is to protect the environment. He got what he deserved.

See Hummer Gets Eco-Vandalized in Washington Neighborhood

Note: In case anyone misses it, I intended for my comments in the last paragraph above to be sarcastic.


David said...

This is the equivalent of bombing an abortion clinic: opposed by both sides and counterproductive.

Randy Barnett said...

I agree. Good analogy.

jkaiseresquire said...

Nothing like the peace loving left in this nation. I would be curious to know how many of his neighbors joined in.

Randy Barnett said...

jk, from the article, it sounded like the neighbors at least watched.

But as David will be quick to point out, there's just as many quacks on our side of the fence.

As a side note, I went to an abortion center protest once. It was a peaceful protest, with signs on the side of the road, etc. I was very uneasy at the hatred some of the people showed and when a lady tried to stop a car turning in.

Another side note, I was on a rental car bus headed to the airport in DC one time. A young girl asked the lady beside me if her coat was real fur. All of us were very nervous that the young lady would go whacko and throw blood or acid or something. Fortunately, the fur-coat lady hesitatntly replied yes and the young lady made some non-committal answer. No show-down occurred.

Quacks on both sides...

hydralisk said...

Probably just a bunch of drunk teenagers looking for a "cause". If it isn't this cause it'd probably be some other. As out of line as the Left can sometimes be, these delinquents don't represent them.