Sunday, July 08, 2007

Last week, my family went on vacation. Most of my readers are family, so they knew that and probably were there. For the outsiders, we went to Myrtle Beach and rented a house for the week.

With 5 kids, spouses, fiancee (congratulations again to Kayte and Kevin) and the one grandson, we had a house full. Each "child" took one night to cook dinner. The menu for the week ranged from stir-fry to low-country boil, from crock-pot enchiladas to burgers and dogs, from bbq chicken to chicken pasta alfredo with grilled salmon. What a feast!

Weather was good, family was great. My wife and a couple of the girls took over 600 pictures, I took about 5 rolls (I'm still on film).

I'm back now and catching up on blog reading. I'll also be blogging more this week. I know you missed it...

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