Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation part 2 - not off to a good start

I'm off this week on my second big vacation of the summer. The first one was all family (which was great!) and this one is just my son & I. We did this two years ago, we pick a city where the Braves are playing away from home and we go there. Last time was St. Louis, this time San Francisco. But it's not off to a good start.

Our initial flight plan included a 2 hour layover in Atlanta. However, our first flight was delayed an hour and 45 minutes, so that became 15 minutes. We made it, but I was out of breath. An old man shouldn't run that hard.

Of course the "meal" on the plane was a snack pack. 4 crackers, some cheese, 2 oreos and a small box of raisins. I was glad we ate before we left. When we got to San Fran, we found out our luggage was still in Atlanta. We were promised it would be delivered by 9pm.

Checked the web several times, our luggage finally got in around 11pm. Now it's promised by 11:30am. Still not here (7:30am local time)

Our hotel isn't what I hoped for and I'm not sure we can get tickets to Alcatratraz (I really wanted him to see that).

Hopefully things will get better. Our tickets to the game are lousy, but they're in the park. I have my camera and my binoculars, so even if I'm wearing dirty clothes, I'll be ready. And it's some personal time with my son. That counteracts all the bad stuff.


Neil said...

That is cool that you are vacationing with your son. He'll always remember that.

Hope you make it to Alcatraz!

Randy Barnett said...

This is our second baseball trip. (2 years ago it was St. Louis). He keeps asking me if I will continue this when he goes to college (1 more year of high school left) and I've told him that it's a strong possibility. Of course, that counts on the money continuing...