Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birth control for 11 year olds

In Portland Maine, a middle school has begun dispensing birth control pills and patches to students. Yep, it's true, look here for the article.

Seems the school board voted 7-2 in favor of the action (at least 2 thought the plan was ridiculous). Of course this shouldn't surprise anyone, condoms have been available at the same school since 2000. There is a requirement that parents allow treatment at the school health center, but who wouldn't sign that (I guess "treatment" includes condoms and birth control).

I guess the next step is to give them the phone number for Planned Parenthood and the nearest abortion clinic. Thinking about that, I wonder who sponsors the pills and patches? Even adults have trouble knowing how to take the pill, don't they think these children will make mistakes while thinking they are "safe"? As for the patch, students will wear it some times, then remove it at others and the patch won't be effective.

Why must schools teach students that pre-marital sex is ok? Why can't they stick to teaching academics and let parents teach morals?


emilymburgess said...

Don't even get me started on birth control for 11 yr.olds.

Can you beleive Ellen going on NATIONAL Tv pleading for this dog? I mean get a grip lady. Again...its a dog. :)

John said...

Gosh, how did I survive as an 11 year old without free condoms, I'll never know.

Randy Barnett said...

Isn't it hard to believe.

As for Ellen, I agree with you. But then, she lost her grip a long time ago.

How did any of us survive?