Friday, October 05, 2007

I hate MySpace

I found a good blog, someone who lives in my area and shares some common interest (except college choices). But I can't comment because I don't have a myspace account. I guess I have to go create one, but do you KNOW how many userids/passwords I have? 51! (I just counted)

I have them recorded somewhere (it's a secret where). That's not good for security, but making them all the same isn't either. There has to be a better way!


John J. Kaiser said...

51? That's crazy.

Randy Barnett said...

Yes, 51. And yes that's crazy.

The actual number may be a little bit more/less, there's some in the list that are old and no longer used. There's also at least one that is not in the list.

With my bank, a couple credit cards, my credit union, investments, airline & hotel rewards programs, internal work tools, retirement planning and several more internal (work) websites, it gets crazy.

Most for work have gone to a single sighnot, which makes it easier. But each airline/hotel rewards program is different.

MojoSteve:The Lightning Man said...

I started blogging on MySpace, and while it was interesting to get feedback from my small group of friends, I somehow knew I should expand my horizons.

An old high school friend in Maine introduced me to one of her local friends who was voted Best Local Blog for Portland, Maine, and he suggested going global through Blogspot.

I still post my blogs up on MySpace as well as Blogspot, since many of my friends lack the savvy to bother looking on the actual web for my stuff, but it's been fascinating to get feedback from people I don't know, some as far away as Australia.

And you're not alone...between my wife and me, we have a couple dozen id's and passwords for email accounts, blogs, MySpace,banks, credit cards, etc.

Randy Barnett said...

Glad to know I'm not alone.