Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Global warming and California Glaciers

Taking a short break from gas prices.

This article talks about the effect of global warming on glaciers in California. But it's enough to surprise Al Gore, the glaciers are growing.

The article also says that "Four glaciers at Washington's Mount Rainier are staying about the same size." Wait a minute, how can that be? With global warming I thought all the glaciers were disappearing faster than the ice in my freezer when my 18 year old is around.

The part that caught my eye the most was the part that says "Nearby Indian tribes referred to its glaciers as the footsteps made by the creator when he descended to Earth."

Near me, there's a mountain called Table Rock. Next to it is Stump Mountain. Indians said their God would sit on the Stump Mountain and eat of the Table Rock.

It always made me feel small, to think that my God was bigger than that.


Anonymous said...

I always knew you were worse than a holocaust denier! ;-)

Yes, those pesky facts get in the way of the GW juggernaut. Hopefully they'll derail it before they enact too many counterproductive laws. Unfortunately, we can't get all those kids to un-watch An Inconvenient Truth.

Lee said...

Did you know that auto exhaust is also responsible for the Martian global warming that is going on as well?

Randy said...

Lee, I didn't realize that. I was holding out hope for moving there, once we destroy this planet. They've found water, so I'm sure we'll be setting up house pretty soon. :)

Neil, yep, facts are pesky things. I keep hoping that all of the inconvenient truths with the movie will come out!

As a side note, you should both read State of Fear by Michael Crichton. EXCELLENT book. See my review http://newfromclt.blogspot.com/2008/04/state-of-fear-book-review.html.

Brooke said...

Fascinating legends, Randy!

hydralisk said...

So we scratch one item off the list. Global warming still causes ALL THESE THINGS.

Randy said...

Great list hydra. My favorites are "acne" and "killer cornflakes". I didn't know either of those things.

Think we can get them to add the martian thing that Lee pointed out? Or is this biased to the only currently life-bearing planet?

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