Sunday, July 20, 2008

Upcoming week

Someone noticed that I hadn't blogged in a while. Well, I guess I've just been busy. I learned how to make Excel talk to you this week. At a customer site, the nerds in the group were all getting Excel to say "Dude". So I listened in on their conversation and now Excel calls me a "dude" (or anything else I want).

This week promises to be busy too. I'm driving 266 miles tomorrow (with two stops in the middle), another 86 miles on Tuesday and 107 miles on Wednesday.

So, on Wednesday, I have to see a customer 1/2 miles from my hotel. Should I drive or walk on Charlotte streets in 95+ degree weather?

You can tell how motivated I am about blogging...


Brooke said...

Dude, if it's over 90 I'd drive, even if it's just next door! LOL!

Nena said...

1/2 mile would seem like 5 miles in this heat. And you know how cranky you get when you are hot and tired.

Have a good week and be careful driving. I will see you on Wednesday.

Kayte said...

Definately WALK! You can drink LOTS of water and you'll be fine. :) J/ Charlotte 1/2 mile is more like forever. You'd better drive.

Randy said...

Now that I'm at the hotel where I will spend this night, I can see that my meeting tomorrow is only about 2 blocks away. If I move my truck to a different place, I'll have to pay Downtown Charlotte parking (probably aroud $10) and still have to walk 2 blocks, maybe more.

I'll probably stay parked at the hotel (for free) and walk the 2 blocks. I can claim I'm saving the environment and hope I get some sympathy votes.