Monday, July 28, 2008


Random thought day.

I had this idea about maintenance. Cars need maintenance. Oil needs to be changed regularly. Belts changed, filters replaced. The inside needs to be cleaned, cups & burger bags thrown away, vacuumed, treat the vinyl so it doesn't dry out etc. Even adding gas to the tank is maintenance

If a car isn't maintained, it will soon fall apart. I speak from some experience here. Years ago, I had some major engine troubles with a car because of a lack of oil changes. Very expensive. I could have had oil changes for life with what it cost. If the car doesn't literally fall apart, it may run poorly. It will fetch less at resale time.

Other things in life need maintenance too. Doing the dishes is maintenance. Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming. The house needs maintenance. Some people like this kind of maintenance. With medication, they may be healed.

The body needs maintenance. Sleep is maintenance. Teenagers like to run without sleep. I think they are afraid they will miss some fun if they sleep. (I try to never miss out on a good nap) I'm sure exercise could be called maintenance, but that's carrying this analogy a little too far (and getting personal).

Relationships need maintenance. I need to do a better job of this.

Life in general needs maintenance. Where else is maintenance required?


John said...

Gee, thanks second law of thermodynamics.

Adam said...

Speakingof maintenance, I can never spell that word. You know the old saying death and taxes? Well you can add to it "Adam misspells maintenance." I have to keep it written on a post-it note on my computer. Every time I type it, I have to look at it.

Brooke said...

If you think about it, everything man creates must be maintained.

Ooh, good thought for the day!

Randy said...

John, I once heard the second law of thermodynamics explained this way - "Eventually, everything falls apart".

But my comment is that it applies not just to physics, but to life in general.

Another area I thought of after the post was the checkbook. Every so often (daily? Weekly?) you HAVE to enter in all those debit receipts. Unless you're Bill Gates or the federal government.

Adam, I guess your spell check needs some maintenance, huh? :)

Brooke, thanks!

Kayte said...

This was a good thought for the day. I would say our spiriutal life needs maintenance as well.
By the way, I'm with Adam. I have to use spell check every time I type that word. Maybe my spelling needs mainenance. Good thing I'm not in a spelling bee any time soon.