Friday, June 06, 2008

Graduation Day

Yesterday was graduation day for my son. This is the last one I have to see through high school. Every one is worried about how I will feel, since "my baby" (he hates that) will soon be moving out for college. Frankly, I feel great.

While I have enjoyed my kids at ever stage of their life (as reported here previously), I enjoy seeing them mature and move on to the world. Sure, I wish I could see them more, but their lives are busy and we manage to work it out.

But yesterday was all about him. 9am graduation (only lasted about 90 minutes), pictures outside, lunch. Then mountain biking. Must have had a good time, as he busted a tire.

The party that was originally to be family and close friends started with about 16 people. Then his sunday school class and a few select other teens showed up (secret invitation) and we had about 28. Burgers and hot dogs and a chocolate fountain. If it hadn't been for the 90+ degree heat, it would have been perfect. We managed.

Anyway, congratuations Adam! (even though he doesn't read this). A new day is dawning and you are (partially) prepared for the world. I'm just not sure the world is prepared for you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your son. I'm confident that you prepared him well!

I'm with you - I've enjoyed all the stages of our girls' lives but never mind moving to the next one.

Chance said...

Congrats to your son. It's hard to believe my son will be there some day (he's 1).

Randy said...

Thanks Neil & Chance. Yes, it comes all too fast.

Ortho said...

Congratulations to your baby! You must be so proud! Where will your baby be off to in the fall?

Randy said...

Ortho, he's headed to Clemson. Not completely decided on a major yet.