Friday, June 06, 2008

Vice presidential predictions

With both parties' primary battle over, and the candidates (more or less) decided upon, the next step will be to nominate a vice president. I have a couple of opinions:

1) The vice presidential nominee will not be known until the convention (98% confidence)

2) The vice presidential nominee will be touted as one who can work with the president, unlike previous vice presidents who have done little of now work while in office (98% confidence)

3) Once really elected, the vice president will do no real work of value (98% confidence)

4) The vice presidential nominee will be someone who can't overshadow the presidential nominee, someone that was never considered to be a candidate (60% confidence)

(Note that these predictions apply to BOTH parties.)


Anonymous said...

You are probably right.

I predict that Obama will pick a woman, but not that woman. If he picks Hillary he'll look really weak and it will be further proof that he is clueless. She and Bill would make his life miserable.

But without Hillary I don't think he'll win.

Hopefully McCain will choose well to offset Obama's choice.

Chance said...

I've heard that Obama could pick the governer of Kansas (a woman). I don't remember her name.

I have no idea who McCain would pick. I haven't kept up enough to know if there are any names floating around.

Randy said...

Interesting that no one commented that my predictions were (intentionally) vague. I'm suggesting that the candidates will make wild promises and people will beleive them.

Guess my tone just didn't come across. Ah well. Maybe I'll make some serious predictions in a week or so.