Friday, June 13, 2008

Washington vacation - At the zoo (part 4)

Today was our trip to the zoo. As we were getting ready, the Simon and Garfunkel song "At the Zoo" hit me (lyrics here). I recalled that I have the song on my laptop, so I googled the lyrics, brought up Media Player and serenaded my wife in my mostly out of tune voice. She thinks I'm crazy.

We heard there were some delays on the Metro (Red Line). I confirmed this would affect us, but hey, we're not on a schedule. Delays don't bother us. We boarded the Metro (Yellow Line) rode to the China Town station, which seemed kinda scary based on all those old movies. It wasn't bad, we figured out we could go down an escalator and board the Red Line. The train was in the station boarding and we managed to hop on quickly. We got seats, but not together. Off to Metro Center, some folks get off and we get to sit together. Leaves the station and goes a few hundred yards and then STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TUNNEL. We sit a while and then a nervous lady announces we are headed in reverse back to Metro Center and everyone has to get off the train.

I took it seriously, we exited and went to the street. We caught a taxi and had a nice day at the zoo. The metro back was uneventful, then on the news, we found out there was a fire on the train tracks. GOOD THING WE GOT OFF THE TRAIN! No one was hurt due to the fire, there were some stations closed and some passengers had to climb 188 steps to get above ground. One person hospitalized. Given the situation, not too bad.

Dinner in Old Towne Alexandria. We had a nice Italian dinner and then walked by the water. A nice romantic evening.

Tomorrow we head back. :(

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