Monday, June 16, 2008

Washington Vacation - Bob's church

(My apologies if you saw this post a few seconds ago - empty. I hit a bad button on my keyboard and submitted it accidentally. Bad Button! {ok, it's been admonished})

For our last 2 days of vacation, we drove about half way back to a little town called Scottsburg, Va to visit with a friend of ours named Bob. Dinner was grilled chicken and good company. Catching up on old times, sharing plans for the future. Thanks Bob & Mary for the hospitality.

Then Sunday morning, we got up to go to Bob's church. Now Bob doesn't own the church, but he is the preacher there. Senior Pastor you might say (only pastor you might say). It was a nice small town church, a "shotgun" church if you're familiar with the term. One piano, old hymns and a lot of loving, smiling people. Music led by a lady and special music by her and her young teen daughter on the guitar. Very good harmony. "Daddy's Hands" put tears in my dear wife's eyes as she remembered her daddy's hands. (lyrics here)

The church gave out little key-ring flashlights to all the dads in the congregation. I honestly believe that this is the first time I've ever been given anything by the church for father's day. Moms get roses, but Dads get nothing. As my friend Neil pointed out in his Father's Day post, it IS the 17th most important holiday of the year.

Finally, back home last night, I enjoyed a dinner made by my two youngest. Chicken al fredo with bow-tie pasta.

Vacation was nice, but it's good to be home again

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Randy said...

My editor in chief and wonderful wife pointed out that it was the music leaders' grand-daughter (not daughter) who played & sang with the music leader.