Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Contract - Movie Review

Tonight I tried my first (and second) Netflix Instant Movie. Just add water and there you go! Well, actually, no water allowed near the laptop.

Netflix Instant movies are great. The ability to rewind/fast forward was pretty limited, but pause/resume worked very well. There's a limited number of movies available, but The Contract was one of them, so that was my first choice.

If you don't like seeing people get shot, don't watch The Contract. But if you think Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors of all time and John Cusack is OK, then you'll like this movie. Freeman is the head of a group with military training that has a job to do. They are exterminators. But not termite exterminators, they remove obstacles to progress. To put it bluntly, they kill people.

Cusack decides to take his son on a camping trip (like I wanted to do last week) and runs into Freeman and his group. How can they get out of the woods of Washington state with their lives? How does Morgan Freeman handle the contact with ordinary everyday people and getting to know them?

I thought the movie was great. Reading the Netflix reviews, seems I'm one of very few who did. It's a real good choice for a Netflix Instant movies (since they're free).


Brooke said...

Instant watch is my only gripe with Netflix.

I run a Mac, so the feature is incompatible, but there is no reduced rate for a plan without it.

Ah, well.

Randy said...

Keep complaining. They recently eliminated multiple queues, then brought it back when they received a lot of complaints.

Edgar said...

the Contract was my #1 Ondeman Movie from netflix.

I liked the movie too.

by the way, check out my top 10 christian movies from Netflix

Randy said...

Thanks for visiting and thanks for the movie tips.

Note to readers: I can vouch for the safety of the link Edgar provided.

Generally, I consider it my responsibility to do at least minimal background checking on links to make sure it's not a link to a virus or something you wouldn't want your kids or your mother to see. It's only a cursory review, no guarantees or anything.