Monday, September 29, 2008

Seven year anniversary - Fireproof

Today marks my seventh wedding anniversary. Seven years and she hasn't kicked me out yet. What a wonderful woman. Over the weekend we went to see the movie "Fireproof". Imagine my surprise when Caleb (Kirk Cameron) points out to his wife that they've been married seven years. I'd heard a lot about the movie, but no one had shared that little detail with me.

What is it about seven years that is supposed to be so difficult? We always hear about "the seven year itch" (which I just found out was an old movie) In my mind, the last seven years have been great. Ok, maybe not all of the time. But the good times have more than outweighed the bad times. And mainly because we both tried. We both considered it worth working for. And the results have been OUTSTANDING!

I'm looking forward to the next seven years and the next seven after that. I'm looking forward to as many sevens as I can get.

The movie was good. It was funny, it was touching. If you're the emotional kind that cries easily, take a tissue. If you're not that kind, you won't be put off by the teary eyes. There's a good bit of comedy spread throughout and the audience really gets into the movie. You get pulled in rooting for the couple, rooting for their marriage and rooting for them as individuals.

Caleb (played by Kirk Cameron, formerly of the TV show Growing Pains) is a firefighter, head of his firehouse, and has saved lives on more than one occasion. We see two scenes in the movie where he is called into action. He leads his team by both barking out orders and going in first. He's not trying to act macho, he's just doing what he's trained to do. He's a hero with everyone but his wife.

His marriage is falling apart. And to put it bluntly, he's not sure it's worth saving. After all, it's not his fault, it's his wife's. She's always nagging him and doesn't appreciate what he does for her. He's been saving for several years to buy a boat and the boat is primary on his mind. Now she complains that this is all he thinks about. That and one other dirty secret he has.

Never leave your partner behind. That's his motto as a firefighter. But how can he make this apply to his marriage?

The movie is age appropriate for all ages, but I'm not sure all would understand. We went with another couple and discussed if it was good for our late-teen aged sons. We decided that it might be good, but would probably go beyond their understanding. For my four older kids (all married less than seven years), I HIGHLY, STRONGLY recommend it. It's also appropriate for couples who might be going through tough times. But the movie isn't enough by itself. You have to learn to work at it. Each day. Every day.

A friend recently went through some tough times with his marriage. "Randy," he told me, "no one ever told me it was going to be this hard." My answer to him was a simple question: "Who ever told you it was going to be easy?" But then I pointed out "It's worth the effort."

Seven years. My wedding anniversary and the couple in the movie. Thank you to the movie producers for putting that one small line in to remind me that I need to work every day to show my wife how much I love her. I don't think it was a coincidence. Thank you to my wife, for putting up with me for seven more years. Thank you for seven wonderful years. And if she'll have me, for the next seven. And the next seven after that.


Kayte said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! I'm a very blessed girl to have the role models that I have in you guys. Thank you for being willing to both privately and publically work on your marriage daily.

Kevin and I have talked numerous time about the movie over the past couple of weeks. One of the things that we keep coming back to is that Satan wants to destroy our marriages. He doesn't want us to succeed. And no marriage (no matter how good it is) is safe. If we don't work to protect our marriages EVERY day, then we risk letting him in.

I'm glad that you guys went to the movie and that you enjoyed it. I'm glad that you've taken the time to "advertise" for it here.

I'm also glad that you and my mom are happier today than you were 7 years ago.

I love you guys!

Brooke said...

Happy anniversary, and many, many returns!

Dave and I just had our ninth two weeks ago. Being married is so great, isn't it? :) DEFINITELY worth the effort!

So, what's the one other dirty secret? It's killing me!

Randy said...

Thanks Kayte. And thanks for help making our lives complete.

Brooke, you'll have to see the movie to find out the other dirty secret. Let me just say that it isn't a major part of the plot line, but you can see it as a big part of the problem between the couple. Some might argue that it's a part of the movie that should have been expanded. It defintely is a deep subject that is only touched on gently, probably because of the audience. But the result is the same. And there's only so much you can do in two hours.

Now do I have your curiosity realy stimulated? Go see the movie!! You won't regret it.

Kris said...

we're going on a date this friday and we are going to see this movie. can't wait. we will need it. my husband works for a major brockrage firm...enough said?

anyway, we will be 14 yrs in Jan.

congrats to you,


Nena said...

It is a GREAT movie. One of the best I've seen in a long time. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. I love you.... And yes, I will have you for seven more years. In fact I will have you seven times seven more years.

Brian the Red said...

Monday was my wife and my anniversary also. Early on we found out what works for us and have been going with it. When we got married we made a pact that we would stay together for the first 50 years and then after that we could split up no questioned asked. The way things are going though, in 18 more years when we reach that milestone, I think we'll both re-up for 50 more.

Brooke said...

You think?

Better not let the Mrs. hear you say that...


Brooke said...

I don't get out much, so I put it in the saved section of my Netflix queue.

Randy said...

Brian, I like that plan. I was 42 when I got married, I guess when I'm 92 I'll decide whether or not to sign up for the next 50.

Brooke, I promise, you won't regret it.