Friday, September 12, 2008

Swash it out

So I read this article in USA Today this week. Seems Proctor and Gamble (the makers of Tide and other laundry detergents) thinks that people don't wash their clothes when they've only worn them once or twice. Instead, their research shows, people pick their clothes up off the floor and wear them again. Or "re-wear" them. (sounds like Seinfelds "regifting") The product is meant to "enhance the re-wear experience."

Now my children may recall my story about Tom, my friend from college. You see, re-wear is nothing new, college folks have been doing it for years (and men in general). Tom, was the master re-wearer. But Tom "enhanced the re-wear experience" by enhancing the repair experience.

Let me explain. Tom was a pretty big man on campus. By that, I mean he was overweight. Seems the inseam of his came unseamed. So Tom invited me back to his room for a quick fix. I suggested he just try a different pair, so we could go along our way. But Tom had a repair solution. A stapler. Yep, he pulled out a stapler and stapled the inseam.

"How long will that last?" I asked. "Well," he replied "it lasted about 6 months last time." You see, Tom was re-repairing the pants. They had been stapled before. I still admire that man. (I also wonder if the staples scratched, but I never asked).

Anyway, if you're interested in enhancing your re-wear experience (and not your repair experience), check out the P&G line of products at this site ->


Kayte said...

That is the funniest thing I've heard all week. I don't think I would have ever thought of stapling my clothes back together...but then, I'm a girl AND grew up with a grandmother who could fix my clothes for me. Wouldn't usually think of doing anything but taking them to her. :)

Brooke said...

Stapling? HAAAHAAA!!!

The swash thing will not take off. News flash: If you don't care to wash your clothes before re-wearing, you aren't going to "swash" them, either.

I did used to re-wear back before I had my own washer/dryer and had to use the laundromat.