Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forget on a plane, try snakes near the drain

Ok, I admit that I stole the subject line from this story. I heard about the story on my local television station and wanted to see if I could find out more details.

Imagine this, you wake up Sunday morning and decide to take a nice relaxing bath. You turn on the water, slide into the tub, close your eyes and let the water run over your feet as you think "Calgon, take me away".

Then you feel something solid against your feet, you catch a glimpse of a flicker around the water spout, or maybe a shadow. You open your eyes and what do you see? A foot-long snake swimming in the tub beside you.

At this point, you'd probably be trying to do a Jesus walks on the water scene (it is Sunday morning) or maybe Moses parting the Red Sea. (Later, you'll want to turn the water into wine, but for now, it's just a desire to GET OUT).

This happened to Elena Trowell in Ocean Ridge Florida. She yelled (DUH) and her boyfriend came to help her out (must resist the urge to teach a moral lesson here). They decided to try to take care of the snake themselves by trapping it in a tupperware container from the kitchen. When they returned to the tub, they found a second, larger, angrier snake.

Well, the snakes were removed from the tub and the Ocean Ridge utilities official have and the local Critter Control animal removal services has said it's unlikely the snakes came from the faucet, rather they came up through the drain from under the house. According to the local news story, the couple have decided to keep the snakes (described as corn snakes or rat snakes depending on who you believe) as pets.

Now, had this happened at my house, we would not be keeping the snakes. My daddy always said there's only one good kind of snake and that's a dead snake. Also, we wouldn't have to worry about it happening in our house twice. Instead, my wife would have immediately (after getting dressed) left the house and never returned. The first phone call would not be to Critter Control or the local news, it would be to a real estate agent. The house would be for sale that day.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! We had a snake in a pool once - just a little copperhead. We got out fast. The snake is no longer with the firm, so to speak.

Nena said...

I have a question. How would the snakes come up through the drain, if the drain cover is on? I thought the holes in the cover would be too small for them to come in that way. Especially since we saw the news article about the snake that went through the man's pierced ear after he tried to kiss it goodnight.

You are right! We would be moving!

Kris said...

i'm with your wife...for sale!


Brooke said...

Snakes are no biggie.

Now big ol' spiders? I'm with your wife if it's the spiders.