Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog reading diversity

I try to be somewhat diverse in my blog reading. Certainly most of what I read is stuff written by Christians who are politically conservative. But I read blogs about politics, religion, life in general and even a daily blog by a Miata lover (Brian almost makes me covet his red Miata).

But lately I've been looking for some greater diversity in what I read. My posts on contrary evidence, Super-heroes needing an antagonist and even on diversity itself were basically disguised attempts to look for another blog or two that I could read.

So if you know of a good blog from another view, especially a political or religious blog, let me know.


MojoSteve the Lightningman said...

I'm always tickled that you read what I scribble, and I've gone ahead and added you to my blog lost to hopefully add to your traffic flow as well.

I'm not exactly a Christian, more of an agnostic, but I'm definitely a conservative and I do tend to talk politics.

If my buddy John blogged more often, I'd say to hit his site up, since he's always got an interesting viewpoint. He's in my blog list if you're interested. Another blog in my list is my friend Wil up in Maine. His blog was voted Best Local Blog a couple years back for Portland, Maine. He writes about a variety of life issues. He's a Desert Storm veteran and openly gay, so that makes for some interesting views. He helped me tons when I first started blogging.

Randy said...

Thanks Steve. I think I found your blog through The State. They had a list of blogs for SC and I followed a few of them. I'll have to say yours does take a slightly different angle at some of the same subjecs. I'll check out some of the blogs you suggested.

Brian the Red said...

I'm going to give two that I read and enjoy, both because they have large followings and nearly all those who comment write in a way that the comments are as good as the posts they reference.

Joe Posnanski a sportswriter from Kansas City who's blog is sort of baseball centric, but frequently branches out into pop culture. Currently he is running a poll on the top 10 iconic songs of the rock era which made for interesting reading.

The other is the personal journal of film critic Roger Ebert. It has a fair amount of movie content (one post you might find controversial, he lambastes Ben Stein's Expelled), but a lot of it is current events and reminiscences of earlier days.

Randy said...

Thanks Brian. I'll give them a try. I'm not a big sports fan, so depending on how much Joe focuses on sports, not sure how long I will follow it. And I've seen Ebert on TV, never been too impressed with critics on any kind. I'm too much of a make-up-my-mind-for-myself kind of guy.

But I will definitely give both a try.