Saturday, January 10, 2009

OK, I confess, I'm a hypocrite

My faithful readers know that I'm a conservative. Lower taxes, less government interference. If someone suggests additional government help for the jobless, I'll tell 'em to go get a job.

But when it becomes personal, I change my tune. And by personal, I don't just mean when it affects me. I mean when it affects me or those around me. Friends, neighbors, etc on an individual basis.

I've helped some people do taxes in the past and I went out of my way to make sure they got every dollar they could, even if it meant getting more in a refund than they paid in the first place. Maybe I don't agree with the idea of them getting money back that they didn't pay in (I never did), but if they have a chance of helping themselves, I'm all for it.

Same goes for welfare. I hate the idea of it. I think it's wrong. But if someone I know is entitled to collect some, I'll help them any way I can.

So why the hypocrisy? Basically, it comes down to this: if they don't take the money, it's not going to change anything, only make them poorer. By taking the money, they may be able to change their lifestyle.

This year, I've signed up to help with VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. I start my formal training next week (I've been doing some online training already). In respect to my clients-to-be, I won't blog about the details of anything I'll be doing. If I find that I can sprinkle tidbits into my blog, I might, but first priority has to be to protect the dignity and privacy of the people.

Wish me luck.


4simpsons said...

Hi Randy,

Good for you! Looks like a good ministry and an effective way for you to use your gifts.

I don't see that as hypocrisy (then again, I have the spiritual gift of rationalization). Given that a system is set in place then getting what belongs to you is OK in my book.

Randy said...

Thanks for the absolution Father Neil.

Ok, that probably offends someone and I'll have to do more Hail Marys.

Actually, I never thought about it as a ministry. I guess you're right. I guess it's in the stream of "doing" for those less fortunate.

4simpsons said...


I'm confident you'll find ways to minister to people throughout this.