Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two funny stories from school

Both of these are true stories, I have to protect the sources. But both were relayed directly to me from an inside source.

First a middle school kid was suspended for two days. The reason why isn't important, the father emailed the teacher and told her he was very disappointed. Seems the young lad (middle school) had been having problems so the father had him write an 1800 word essay on discipline and the consequences of suspension.

What makes this funny is that my kids think I'm the only one that does this kind of stuff.

Second is a high school kid in a government class. The discussion today centered on Governor Blagojevich being accused of selling President Obama's Senate Seat. This high school senior said he thought it was fine. After every one expressed their surprise, he pointed out that they are selling pens used by Obama and papers, why not sell his seat too? (This kid is a football player, but unfortunately, he's not THAT good).


Thomas said...

Perhaps the government class kid was Nixon in a past life. :P

Brooke said...

Well, the kid might have not been too far off... At least in reasoning out how Blagojo-whatever was thinking. LOL!

Randy said...

Thomas - Welcome to my blog. Let's see, Nixon in a government class in 2009 - that's a scary thought!

Brooke, I'm just afraid to think how many students think the Senate seat is just a seat...