Friday, January 16, 2009

when do you blog?

I blog at various times. Sometimes, I blog during slow time at work, when I'm waiting on someone to call me back (see yesterday's blog for an example). Sometimes I blog in the morning, when I'm going through my list of daily blogs.

Usually, I'm listening to the radio (via the internet), so blogs with music on them mess me up. I'm putting those on a special list, which I will view when I can.

Other times, I review blogs and create a new entry on my own when I'm listening to a boring conference call. Those seems to come up a lot this time of the year. Everyone is closing out for last year and starting fresh.

When do you blog? When do you read other blogs?


Anonymous said...

Too often! I do it when I have downtime or breaks, or when I can carve out a bit of time. It is too random. I really should just pick a couple standard time slots.

Brooke said...

I read or blog when the kids are otherwise occupied, and I blog when the fancy strikes me.

It ain't scientific...

Kris said...

when i have a couple on minutes alone...again, not scientific.

David said...

I don't really have any sort of blogging schedule. A lot depends on whats going on at the time and where I am. Sometimes I listen to music, but more often than not I try to find a quiet area. Again, it really depends on the subject and the circumstances surrounding it.

As for reading blogs, it wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say all the time. I think I've told you that I use RSS feeds to keep track of blogs, news, and pretty much everything else (I subscribe to around 300). The service I use keeps my feeds and they're read/unread statuses synced online, across multiple computers using desktop software, and on my iPhone. Basically anytime I have a few minutes to spare I use one of the above options to read through my feeds. It's reached a level where I probably need an intervention.

Brian the Red said...

95% of the time blogging occurs during the hours of 8 to 10 PM - literally. I sit on the end of the couch, laptop in lap, earbuds in while my wife is on the other end of the couch watching TV.

4% of the time I get an idea at work (usually from reading blogs, which I need to stop doing during the day) and start a draft with a blurb and finish it that evening.

1% of the time I'll do the whole thing at work.