Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Broadband Stimulus - Part 2

I don't often post on the same thing this quickly, but a combination of a busy day yesterday and updates to the topic forced this on me.

A NY Times article seems to point out some of the contradictions in the broadband stimulus part of the economic spending plan. I encourage you to read it.

There are three things it points out that I took to note:

1) "it will take at least until 2015 to spend all the money on infrastructure to deliver the service — vastly limiting the stimulating punch." - Where's the stimulus?

2) "$110 million in tax breaks in the Senate bill that could benefit large Internet service providers." - So we bail out the big guys again?

3) "The broadband effort also runs another risk inherent to government stimulus spending, by reducing private investment." - enough said

There is a discussion by a NC congressman about providing access to rural areas and bringing them onto an equal ground with more urban areas, especially in the areas of education, health care and apple pie (that last part is my add-in). I would ask the congressman, if he thinks it's such a good idea, why doesn't the state provide it? Why should this be a federal bail-out?

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