Monday, February 09, 2009

Economic Spending Plan - Too big to fail?

My frequent readers will know that I like cute titles. I thought of a couple for this post "Part Deux - No Duck" or "Like Prego - It's in there!" I decided to be somewhat sincere instead and ask the question - is the economic spending plan too big to fail?

Last week I heard comments that there was a bailout for Hollywood in the plan. Seems movie theaters weren't making enough money and actors were underpaid. I think the spending plan was to buy leftover popcorn after the movies were over. However, on more research, it looks like that has been removed.

I also heard there was spending in the plan for starving artists. Always looking for a handout, the NEA had some $$ placed in the bill for them. I have no idea if this is in or out. My question is, if this stays in, do I get a choice on what is deemed "art"? Or at least the government? Somehow I doubt the artists will allow that.

Included in the plan is (was?) money to re-sod the grass on the National Mall (I was there last summer, it needs it), money for Head Start, Pell Grants and college loans, money for new computers for the State Department, and restrooms in national parks.

There's also money for infrastructure. There's a list of infrastructure projects at this WSJ site, but some include a waterfront duck pond park and dog park, a senior center and aquatic facility, sports parks, and life style centers.

This bill is turning out to be worse than a bill signed by the previous president that included a tax break for wooden arrows. And the current president is running around like Chicken Little, saying the sky will fall if we don't sign this bill now. Many will say that this is politics as usual, but I thought we were promised change in this administration.

Mr. President, here's the change I suggest. Don't press for this bill. If it gets through congress (it probably will) it should not be signed. Instead, pull out pieces that are good (there might be some in there). Explain why it's good (e.g. it creates jobs) and package it as a bill by itself. Have congress pass the bill and then sign it. Instead of one big bill have several smaller bills.

I seriously doubt President Obama will have time to read my blog today (I hear he has a busy day planned), so I'll ask you, my reader, to pass the word around.

My final thought on this for the day is a quote (Mark Twain? Will Rogers?) that said "As long as congresss is in session, your wallet isn't safe."


Kayte said...

why don't you email President Obama with your idea? I think it makes sense. No, he probably won't read your blog...but if you send something to him personally, then at least you're had your say, right?

Brooke said...

What happened to Obama's hope? It seems like he's doing a lot more fearmongering to get that money...

The Twain quote is fantastic, btw. I believe it was Twain...