Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newest Duke Scholar

I meant to post this last week, but got otherwise occupied. Seems my oldest grand-daughter (barely 2 months old - see here) has already been accepted at Duke University. Yep, they contacted her and extended a special invitation. They sought her out.

She's already attended one day and at the end of the day they were so amazed they awarded her a certificate. Seems she's going to be helping some of the older students work on a research project (see here).

Now, my son was a Duke TIP scholar (see here), but that was when he was old, like in the 7th grade or something. Kayden is getting into this way early.

And of course, I'm sure it's because of something her grandfather has already been teaching her...


Brooke said...

Your grand-daughter must be a super-genius. LOL!

Clerical error?


(I mean that in a slam silly Duke way; not disparaging your little one.)

MojoSteve the Lightningman said...

Dude, that rocks....at this rate Duke will be awarding PhD's to Nadya Suleman's litter of kids by the end of next week.