Friday, February 27, 2009

Girl Scout cookies with Grandpa

The little girls in our neighborhood know that I'm a sucker for Girl Scout cookies. Actually, for anything that they're selling. Christmas stuff, fruit for their band, whatever. But Girl Scout cookies are my favorite.

This year, with the kids being out of the house (see here) and my ever-round midsection, I decided to cut back to two boxes. Those coconut carmel things with chocolate drizzled over them and the peanut butter sandwiches. These are my favorite for two reasons: 1) I like the flavor and 2) they're the least favorite of other people (so I get more). The two boxes came a couple of weeks ago. My wife went to the door and the little girl stuck them out and said "Here, that will be seven dollars." I wish I had been able to see that.

Last Saturday, I came in after doing my VITA/TCE thing. My almost three year old grandson came up to me and said "Grandpa, we cain't eat all your Girl Scout cookies." The way he said it was so sad, it sounded like he had tried his best, but just couldn't do it. I think I gave him an extra cookie right then (sorry mom).

Yesterday, he came over for a while. I poured us a small glass of milk, one of the glasses with a large mouth. Then I got us each two of the peanut butter sandwiches (the coconut cookies are already gone) and sat down beside him. I showed him how to carefully and artfully dunk the cookie into the milk.

At first he was a little skeptical, then he started sucking the milk off the cookie and re-dunking it. I decided not to dunk my second cookie into the glass after that. But at least I've taught him about one of the good things in life. Girl Scout cookies with Grandpa.


4simpsons said...

What a great scene!

Re. GCS's - due to a miscommunication, multiple people in my house stocked up on them, such that we ended up with 18 boxes. Seriously.

Thomas said...

My favorites are the coconut-flavored ones.

Ashley Beth said...

This post deserves a picture! Carmel Delight or Somoas are my favorite as well. I have to have the purple box. Since Crystal isn't selling anymore, I bought from a coworker's daughter this year. And do you know that those cookies haven't left the office - haha! There's no way I'm sharing my box with my husband.

Brian the Red said...

I love the Carmel Delight/Somoas. I don't know what the official Nutritional Information is on the side of the box, but in our house the number of servings per box is 2.

Of the ten boxes of cookies (in various flavors) we received last Saturday, there is only one left...

"The Edge" said...

Caramel Delights/Samoas rule!!!!