Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Misc topics and random thoughts

Camping trip was great. I took about three short hikes. The first one was on a trail I hadn't seen before, part of the Palmetto Trails to Jocassee Gorges. It's a 12.5 mile hike, I did a small part of it, but was expecting visitors, so headed back. From what I can see, it's a good hike but not real scenic. The second hike was along the Carrick Creek. On this hike I was accompanied by my three year old grandson. We hiked for about 20 minutes, took a 10 minute break, then hiked another 10 minutes before heading back. The hike is supposed to last about an hour, but with his short stride, I'm sure we didn't go half way in 30 minutes of walking. The last hike was back along the Palmetto Trail, but he was tired so we didn't go far.

All in all the trip was great. Two nights in a tent, far from everything. I'll post more about it later.

While I was gone, GM announced bankruptcy. I haven't blogged about it, but last August I bought some shares of GM on a lark. This was back in early August, before the bottom fell out. My theory was that the government would bail them out and the stock would go up. They did get a bail-out that month and the stock ticked upward for a day or two, then the credit market fell and, well, it was a lark.

I don't mean to imply that I backed the bail-out. I think it was a bad idea. But I really didn't think the government would let them go bankrupt. Who knows what will happen now. Maybe I'll blog more about that later too.

This past weekend, an abortion doctor was shot and killed. Make no mistake, this was murder. The conservative blogs that I read agree. The doctor has been called a killer (and I agree with that), but it doesn't make his murder any less of a murder. His (alleged) killer has been arrested. He deserves a fair trial, but assuming he is found guilty (and I see no reason why not), he should probably face the death penalty. It was simple pre-meditated murder.


Katie Pennington said...

Tony had a great time, he keeps telling everyone we see (including strangers), what fun he had! He doesn't leave out a detail. If he does, he is sure to tell me that I should call that person so he can finish telling them after we have left!

Brooke said...

I'm glad you had a good time.

Sorry about that stock...

And you're right, murder most foul.

David said...

So in your post you label both the shooting and the late term abortions as murder, but the solution is the death penalty?

On a much, much lighter note, I'm glad you had fun camping. It seems like it's been raining for weeks now up here in Ohio.

Randy said...

David, camping trip was great. And it rained all day yesterday, so I must have sandwiched it in between two storms. Much the opposite of last year's attempt.

I didn't want my post to reflect an anti-abortion stance because I felt that was irrelvant at this point. I guess when I said I agree that he is a killer, I did reflect that.

Dr. Tiller's practice was legal. I don't believe he deserves the death penalty for his practice. In fact, there's no "punishment" that this government could/should enact. I can expound more on this subject if needed.

I am a proponent of the death penalty, but a debate on that subject really doesn't belong in this discussion. Let's just say that the murderer in this case, deserves the strongest punishment the law can administer.

Randy said...

Brooke, regarding the stock. I won't go hungry. It's kind of a play thing. On the plus side, I also bought Ford stock the same day. It's up about 50%. Doesn't cover my GM losses, but absorbs some of it....