Monday, June 08, 2009

Voicemail 101

Some people hate dealing with voicemail. Actually, I typically don't mind. It's an effective way to communicate. You can call someone, tell them what you want, they can call you back, tell you the answer - effective communication.
So what happens when someone calls and leaves a message like this - "Hi this is John, I need to talk to you, call me." Then you call him, he's not in - "Hi, this is Randy, returning your call, call me back."
Then you get on the phone, John calls back, blah, blah, blah.
So, instead of getting on the phone, you wait on John to call back. And wait. And wait. How long is the appropriate time to wait?
Wouldn't it be better if John left a message instead?
(You might guess, this was a frustrating day).


Ashley Beth said...

I hate this predicament. Very frustrating. I guess your wait time depends on whether you are the initiator of all of this or the recipient. If you are the recipient, then I feel you have no obligation to wait. However, if you are the initiator (the one with the question or the one who needs to talk), then I feel you should wait. How long to wait? - I don't know. Sounds like you would never be an initiator of something like this since you would simply leave a voicemail. However, I have had times when I didn't want to leave a voicemail. The conversation warranted just that - a conversation. If I could have left a voicemail, then I would have emailed them my question instead. The other thing I have done is set up an appointment for a phone call. In the voicemail, I list times when I am not available for them to call me back. This helps some.

Randy said...

Ashley, scheduling a call makes good sense. Only the individual involved won't schedule calls. I think we're going to have to play tag for a while before we work this out...