Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My favorite hotel chain

I've been traveling a good bit lately and I'm trying to book all my stays at a hotel in the Hilton chain. These include Hilton, Hilton Gardens, Hampton as well as Doubletree and Homewood Suites (mostly, I use the first three).

Recently, on two separate occasions, I stayed for free (once for two nights) using the points I've built up. I like a free weekend (even if I was helping someone move).

Last week I found an extra charge on my corporate charge statement for a hotel that I have used several times. I made a few phone calls and found out that the charge was for a reservation made in my name, but was a no-show.

What really bothered me about the charge was they didn't award my any Hilton points. If I was going to pay for the stay, at least I could get reward points, right?

So, I made a few other phone calls. Looks like I made the reservation, the date of travel was a week where my plans were very fluid. I must have made the plans, then changed them and never cancelled. I don't remember it, but it must have happened.

So today, I called the Hilton again. Monica in accounting (who I had talked with last week) answered the phone and I explained the situation. She remembered me and I asked if there was something we could do about the charge. I explained I was a frequent guest and didn't feel I should have to pay.

To my surprise, Monica agreed to reverse the charge - "this time" - but she admonished me to please call next time so they could rent the room. I told her I would and that I would definitely stay at her hotel again. I thanked her and will be watching for the credit to show up on my account.

Now, the last time I stayed at this particular hotel, they were no where near full. I doubt that the room would have been rented even if I had called. But the hotel had within their rights to charge me for the room and I (or my employer) would have had to pay. I'm very glad they reversed the charges.

This particular Hilton gives me a free buffet breakfast including a made to order omelet, so it was already top on my pick list, but after this treatment it will stay there.

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Kayte said...

I appreciate you helping us move...and I'm extra glad that you got to stay for free while you were traveling to help us move. :)