Thursday, June 25, 2009

SC Governor found out

A couple days ago, I posted that the SC Governor was missing. Well, he turned up yesterday. Not in a good way.

By now, most everyone knows the whole story. Originally, no one knew where he was for 5 days, then they said he was hiking, then it was found he was in Argentina. Having an affair. A tryst. A fling. Whatever name you want to put on it.

At this point, I think the governor should resign. He has lied to his staff and to the state for the last year. Some of the lines were not overt, he never said he wasn't having an affair. No wagging his finger at the TV saying "I did not have sex with that woman." But regardless, he lied. And the next time he stands up to fight fiscal irresponsibility, we will wonder about his purpose. He has shown a willingness to lie to his wife, his children and to all of us.

I don't think he should be impeached. I haven't read the SC constitution, so I'm assuming it's like the US constitution. That allows impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors." This (so far) was neither. Lying is not the same as perjury (like lying to congress). There may come some facts about his misuse of public funds and my feeling on this may change. But for now, I don't think he should be impeached.

My hat is off to his wife. She has shown a willingness to try to rebuild the marriage. She didn't have to do this. The choices are all hers at this point. But, she seems willing to try. What a classy lady.

I want to give a message to my sons and sons-in-law. Watch yourself carefully. If it can happen to this man, it can happen to you. Never, never develop a "dear, dear friend(ship)" with a lady. It can only lead to problems. In this case, Sanford apparently had a friendship with this lady for 7 years, before it turned sexual. In my opinion, his adultery started long before the last year. I firmly believe that you can't have a close relationship with any woman other than your wife.

And finally, we need to pray for this man. It's not clear to me if he is truly repentant yet. But he has completely destroyed his wife and family. If he takes my advice and resigns, he will lose his job. Where will his income come from? We need to pray for his wife and his kids.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice for your family (and everyone else!)

Anonymous said...

You know I have shared with my friends that I don't think married people should have friends of the opposite sex, because it leads to temptation. Thank you for this post.

Alli and Erik said...

I agree with you. In my opinion it's OK to have friends of the opposite sex but the closeness doesn't need to be there. I can't have a best "male" friend other than my husband. While i believe I am strong and it would never happen, I can never tell. It's too dangerous.

Randy said...

Syinly, first welcome to my blog. I think this is the first time you've been here and I always am glad to see new people. I followed your link to your blog and it's very interesting. I'll do more reading. Looks like you haven't updated in a while, I hope to find some new material soon.

One radio announcer I respect said that if a man shares something with a woman that he hasn't shared with his wife, it better be about her surprise birthday party. That's when problems start.

You said you didn't think "married people should have friends of the opposite sex." This depends on your definition of "friends", and I think I agree with you. I have several co-workers that are female that I would classify as friends. I know these ladies life situation (most are married), keep up with them, etc. They do the same with me.

But I don't think I have any female "friends" outside that environment (other than couples).

Alli, I agree with you. The closeness is the dangerous part. This becomes emotional adultery.