Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how

No, I'm not talking about that kind of surfing, I'm talking about internet surfing and I have a question for you: When you're surfing the web, where do you surf? While I'd like to be surfing the big waves off Maui, it seems that most web surfers prefer Facebook. According to this article, more time is spent on Facebook than any other site.

The article gives a lot of boring statistics (especially for us surfer dudes), the only interesting stat being that the average person spent just over 4.5 hours on the site in June.

Hulu made the list of most visitors to a site, which I think is neat when you think about Maui, Hulu and surfing (or is that hula?). Seems a lot of people are watching old TV shows on the web instead of Nikelodeon. MySpace is getting edged out by Facebook as anyone with teenagers and young adults know.

But I have to question, what do you do for 4.5 hours on Facebook? I go there, check my messages, and go somewhere else. I visit my Google personalized webpage a LOT and read news articles, check my email, etc.

So the question of the day is, where do you surf? How much time do you spend on any one website (or family of websites)?

P.S. For the record, that is not me in the picture, I'm much more buff, dude.


"The Edge" said...

Well, I think I speand about zero hours per month on facebook! That oughta be a sigh of relief.

I do find myself on,,, and several music sites pretty much constantly.

And so I don't have to go find what I'm looking for, I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds so that the news I'm interested in is sent to my inbox, which is a HUGE time-saver. That way, if I see an interesting article, I can just follow the link.

I have some other faves site I'll be on a lot this fall will be will be my new fantasy football league website.

Anyway, that's enough about my surfing...but I also go out to my banking and insurance sites when I need to make updates, etc. Those aren't on a regular basis though.

Of course, if you follow my blog (, you'll see I also get news on so many different things, it's hard to pin me down.....

Brian the Red said...

As I sit listening to the Red Sox baseball game I will read through most of the links I have on the left side of my blog waiting for inspiration to write a post...sometimes it never comes.

Randy said...

Brian, weill I feel the same way, hence posts like this one...

Edge, thanks for the facts..

Cameron said...

Judging from the profile updates of my facebook friends, people spend a lot of time filling out "which Harry Potter teacher are you?" type quizzes. Facebook also has games you can play. I joined the site a few months ago and while it has huge time wasting potential, it's actually been a really good way of keeping in touch with not only old friends and family, but with my neighbors. People write little notes to each other and check on how everyone is doing. We even plan get togethers through facebook's event tool.

Other sites I visit include the Investors Business Daily editorial page, various blogs, and espn.