Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson takes on the world

I've decided that Osama Bin Laden was right, America is a paper tiger. For the last several days, America has been focused on the death of Michael Jackson. All this while we have an economy that needs attention, a president engaging in foreign policy with (IMHO) our number 1 enemy (Russia), a continuing war in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc. etc.

Some would blame the news media for this fiasco. I don't. Personally, I don't believe the media is in conspiracy to destroy the US. I think the media is as capitalistic as they come, they will put in the news whatever they think the consumers want.

Instead, I blame you and me. We need to turn off Entertainment Tonight and get our news from legitimate news sources, not tabloids. We need to tell the newscasters were more interested in the price of tea in China (literally) than in who is shacking up with Brittney Spears.

The media attention around the Michael Jackson mess amazes me.


"The Edge" said...

Personally, I counldn't care less about who spoke at the guy's memorial or what his favorite breakfast cereal was. Maybe we've lost a great man - who really knows? He did a lot for music, yes. But next week, he will be yesterday's news, other than the fact his music is being re-released to hundreds of adoring fans.....

So he didn't make my radar, and I completely forgot about his memorial until my wife reminded me it was yesterday.

On a more relevant topic, I finally got around to watching a program I had DVR'd about a month ago. It was on Bible prophecy. What I think is amazing is that 100% of what this guy said was very relevant to America's future, especially as it concerns the foreign policy of our current administration. He said several times he couldn't say everything he wanted to on air because of the impact it would have. Any really, nobody knows who this guys is compared to Michael Jackson.

My point is this - I would encourage all of you to tune in to the relevant things of life (as Randy said) and turn off all the sensationalized junk that passes for journalism. We've left our Judaeo-Christian roots, and we need to wake up (as a country) and change our thinking now, before it's too late!

Randy said...

Erik, the one positive thing I can say is the man was successful. In a very big way. And I liked some of his music.

As far as listening to anyone's views on Bible prophecy, I've been hearing that we are in the end days for as long as I can remember. I've heard more people point to the current happenings and say this fulfills prophecy than I can count. Frankly, I don't believe any of them, because there were people saying the same thing 50 years ago. I do recall what Jesus said though - He said to watch and pray.